A Journal of Literature and Art

STYLUS is the undergraduate journal of poetry, prose, and art at the University of Maryland.

Founded in 1994, Stylus was named after the failed literary journal of Maryland native Edgar Allen Poe. Fortunately, this publication has grown and thrived. The community that surrounds Stylus is one of dedicated students passionate about literature and creativity. Since its inaugural volume, the journal has sparked conversations and contributed to the literary culture on campus. We carry on the legacy of our founders and strive to celebrate and foster artistic talent.


STYLUS is partially funded by:

Jimenez-Porter Writer's House
The Department of English
The Department of Art

STYLUS would like to thank the following organizations and individuals:

Department of Spanish & Portuguese
School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Arts & Humanities
Office of Undergraduate Studies
The Program in Creative Writing

Editorial Staff

Stylus editors and staff members are all undergraduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park. We welcome all students who are interested in joining the staff to help select, edit and put together works within the upcoming Spring 2018. To learn more, please e-mail the editors-in-chief at and join the listserv for news about general staff meetings and other events.


Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin is a senior English major and Creative Writing minor. She’s fond of lifting weights, eating cake, and writing poetry in her free time. She hopes to one day discover all of her favorite things.


Anjali Ravi

Anjali is a Junior English major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Italian. She likes traveling, napping, and wearing large sweaters.

Poetry Editor

Olivia Braley

Poetry Editor

Katherine Koman

Katherine is a senior majoring in English. She is a Hufflepuff and a huge fan of internet memes.

Art Editor

Lei Yan

Lei is a junior majoring in Studio Art. She's just trying to figure out how to navigate life.

Art Editor

Amy Win

Prose Editor

Nick Brown

Nick is a junior double majoring in English and Arabic. He enjoys discussing the merits of Puerto Rican statehood and the origins of idioms.

Prose Editor

Radhika Tyagi

Radhika is a senior Neurobiology and English double major. She enjoys drinking Honey Lavender tea and analyzing the lyrics of Hamilton songs. No, she has not yet seen Hamilton. Yes, she will shamelessly accept ticket donations.

Music Editor

Tayo Omisore